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  1. [772]. R. Chen, J. F. Wang, Z. W. Ouyang, Z. Z. He, S. M. Wang(王舒民), L. Lin(林林), J.-M. Liu(刘俊明), C. L. Lu, Y. Liu, C. Dong, C. B. Liu, Z. C. Xia, A. Matsuo, Y. Kohama, and K. Kindo
    Magnetic field induced ferroelectricity and half magnetization plateau in polycrystalline R2V2O7 (R = Ni, Co)
    Physical Review B 98, 184404. (2018 November) Download PDF

  2. [771]. J. J. Feng(冯嘉俊), C. Yang, A. H. Zhang, Q. Li, Z. Fan, M. H. Qin, M. Zeng, X. S. Gao, Y. Lin, G. F. Zhou, X. B. Lu(陆旭兵), and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Direct evidence for the coexistence of nanoscale high-conduction and low-conduction phases in VO2 films
    Applied Physics Letters 113, 173104. (2018 October) Download PDF

  3. [766]. X. Li(李翔), M. F. Liu(刘美风), Y. Wang, L. M. Tian, R. Shi, L. Yang, Q. Y. Pan, J. J. Han, B. Xie, N. Zhao, X. Z. Wang, S. Z. Li, L. Lin, Z. B. Yan, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Magnetoelectric mutual-control in collinear antiferromagnetic NdCrTiO5
    Applied Physics Letters 113, 122903. (2018 September) Download PDF

  4. [762]. J. X. Yao, X. Song, X. S. Gao(高兴森), G. Tian, P. L. Li, H. Fan, Z. F. Huang, W. D. Yang, D. Y. Chen, Z. Fan, M. Zeng, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Electrically Driven Reversible Magnetic Rotation in Nanoscale Multiferroic Heterostructures
    ACS Nano 12, 6767−6776. (2018 June) Download PDF

  5. [761]. K. E. Kim, Y. J. Kim, Y. Zhang(张洋), F. Xue, G. Y. Kim, K. Song, S. Y. Choi, J.-M. Liu(刘俊明), L. Q. Chen, and C. H. Yang
    Ferroelastically protected polarization switching pathways to control electrical conductivity in strain-graded ferroelectric nanoplates
    Physical Review Materials 2, 084412. (2018 August) Download PDF

  6. [759]. C. X. Bao, J. Yang, S. Bai, W. D. Xu, Z. B. Yan(颜志波), Q. Y. Xu, J.-M. Liu(刘俊明), W. J. Zhang, and F. Gao(高峰)
    High Performance and Stable All-Inorganic Metal Halide Perovskite-Based Photodetectors for Optical Communication Applications
    Advanced Materials 30, 1803422. (2018 July) Download PDF

  7. [754]. H. W. Wang, W. Wang, N. Hu, T. C. Duan, S. L. Yuan, S. Dong, C. L. Lu(陆成亮), and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Persistent Large Anisotropic Magnetoresistance and Insulator-to-Metal Transition in Spin-Orbit-Coupled Sr2(Ir1−xGax)O4 for Antiferromagnetic Spintronics
    Physical Review Applied 10, 014025. (2018 July) Download PDF

  8. [751]. M. F. Liu(刘美风), Y. Zhang, L.-F. Lin, L. Lin, S. W. Yang, X. Li, Y. Wang, S. Z. Li, Z. B. Yan, X. Z. Wang, X.-G. Li, S. Dong(董帅), and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Direct observation of ferroelectricity in Ca3Mn2O7 and its prominent light absorption
    Applied Physics Letters 113, 022902. (2018 July) Download PDF

  9. [750]. J. Chen, J. J. Liang, J. H. Yu, M. H. Qin(秦明辉), Z. Fan, M. Zeng, X. B. Lu, X. S. Gao, S. Dong, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Dynamics of distorted skyrmions in strained chiral magnets
    New Journal of Physics 20, 063050. (2018 June) Download PDF

  10. [747]. Q. Q. Qin, Z. B. Zhang, Y. Y. Cai, Y. Zhou, H. Liu, X. B. Lu, X. S. Gao, L. L. Shui, S. J. Wu(吴素娟), and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Improving the performance of low-temperature planar perovskite solar cells by adding functional fullerene end-capped polyethylene glycol derivatives
    Journal of Power Sources 396, 49-56. (2018 May) Download PDF

  11. [746]. Z. Y. Chen, Z. R. Yan, Y. L. Zhang, M. H. Qin(秦明辉), Z. Fan, X. B. Lu, X. S. Gao, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Microwave fields driven domain wall motions in antiferromagnetic nanowires
    New Journal of Physics 20, 063003. (2018 June) Download PDF

  12. [745]. W. H. Ning, F. Wang, B. Wu, J. Lu, Z. B. Yan(颜志波), X. J. Liu, Y. T. Tao, J.-M. Liu(刘俊明), W. Huang, Mats Fahlman, Lars Hultman, Tze Chien Sum, and F. Gao(高峰)
    Long Electron–Hole Diffusion Length in High-Quality Lead-Free Double Perovskite Films
    Advanced Materials 30, 1706246. (2018 March) Download PDF

  13. [744]. J. Peng, Y. Zhang, L. F. Lin, L. Lin, M. F. Liu, J.-M. Liu(刘俊明), and S. Dong(董帅)
    New iron-based multiferroics with improper ferroelectricity
    Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 51, 243002. (2018 May) Download PDF

  14. [742]. M. H. Wu(吴梦昊), T. C. Duan, C. L. Lu, H. H. Fu, S. Dong(董帅), and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Proton transfer ferroelectricity/multiferroicity in rutile oxyhydroxides
    Nanoscale 10, 9509. (2018 April) Download PDF

  15. [741]. J. Qing, X. K. Liu, M. J. Li, F. Liu, Z. C. Yuan, Elizaveta Tiukalova, Z. B. Yan(颜志波), Martial Duchamp, S. Chen, Y. M. Wang, S. Bai, J.-M. Liu(刘俊明), Henry J. Snaith, C. S. Lee, T. C. Sum, and F. Gao(高峰)
    Aligned and Graded Type‐II Ruddlesden–Popper Perovskite Films for Efficient Solar Cells
    Advanced Energy Materials 2018, 1800185. (2018 May) Download PDF

  16. [740]. C. F. Li(李川福), S. H. Zheng, H. W. Wang, J. J. Gong, X. Li, Y. Zhang, K. L. Yang, L. Lin, Z. B. Yan, S. Dong(董帅), and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Structural transitions in hybrid improper ferroelectric Ca3Ti2O7 tuned by site-selective isovalent substitutions: A first-principles study
    Physical Review B 97, 184105. (2018 May) Download PDF

  17. [739]. Y. C. Li, J. Wu, H. Y. Pan, J. Wang, G. H. Wang, J.-M. Liu(刘俊明), and J. G. Wan(万建国)
    Manipulating the magnetism and resistance state of Mn:ZnO/Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3 heterostructured films through electric fields
    Applied Physics Letters 112, 212902. (2018 May) Download PDF

  18. [737]. J. J. Liang, J. H. Yu, J. Chen, M. H. Qin(秦明辉), M. Zeng, X. B. Lu, X. S. Gao, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Magnetic field gradient driven dynamics of isolated skyrmions and antiskyrmions in frustrated magnets
    New Journal of Physics 20, 053037. (2018 May) Download PDF

  19. [731]. Z. B. Zhang, L. Xie, R. K. Lin, Q. Q. Qin, Y. Y. Cai, Y. Zhou, H. Liu, X. B. Lu, X. S. Gao, L. L. Shui, S. J. Wu(吴素娟), and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Enhanced performance of planar perovskite solar cells based on lowtemperature processed TiO2 electron transport layer modified by Li2SiO3
    Journal of Power Sources 392, 1-7. (2018 April) Download PDF

  20. [730]. Z. W. Tan, J.J. Tian, Z. Fan(樊贞), Z. X. Lu, L. Y. Zhang, D. F. Zheng, Y. D. Wang, D. Y. Chen, M. H. Qin, M. Zeng, X. B. Lu, X. S. Gao(高兴森), and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Polarization imprint effects on the photovoltaic effect in Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 thin films
    Applied Physics Letters 112, 152905. (2018 April) Download PDF

  21. [725]. C. L. Lu(陆成亮), B. Gao, H. W. Wang, W. Wang, S. L. Yuan, S. Dong(董帅), and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Revealing Controllable Anisotropic Magnetoresistance in Spin–Orbit Coupled Antiferromagnet Sr2IrO4
    Advanced Functional Materials 28, 1706589. (2018 February) Download PDF

  22. [724]. Z. Ma, J. H. Wang, Z. Y. Dong, J. Zhang, S. C. Li, S. H. Zheng, Y. J. Yu, W. Wang, L. Q. Che, K. J. Ran, S. Bao, Z. W. Cai, P. Čermák, A. Schneidewind, S. Yano, J. S. Gardner, X. Lu, S. L. Yu, J.-M. Liu(刘俊明), S. Y. Li, J. X. Li(李建新), and J. S. Wen(温锦生)
    Spin-Glass Ground State in a Triangular-Lattice Compound YbZnGaO4
    Physical Review Letters 120, 087201. (2018 February) Download PDF

  23. [721]. Z. R. Yan, Z. Y. Chen, M. H. Qin(秦明辉), X. B. Lu, X. S. Gao, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Brownian motion and entropic torque driven motion of domain walls in antiferromagnets
    Physical Review B 97, 054308. (2018 February) Download PDF

  24. [718]. D. Hu, J. Xiang, Q. W. Zhou, S. Q. Su, Z. B. Zhang, X. Wang, M. L. Jin, L. Nian, Richard Nözel, G. F. Zhou, Z. Zhang(张璋), and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    One-step chemical vapor deposition of MoS2 nanosheets on SiNWs as photocathodes for efficient and stable solar-driven hydrogen production
    Nanoscale 10, 3518. (2018 January) Download PDF

  25. [715]. Z. B. Zhang, Y. Zhou, Y. Y. Cai, H. Liu, Q. Q. Qin, X. B. Lu, X. S. Gao(高兴森), L. L. Shui, S. J. Wu(吴素娟), and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Efficient and stable CH3NH3PbI3-x(SCN)x planar perovskite solar cells fabricated in ambient air with low-temperature process
    Journal of Power Sources 377, 52–58. (2018 February) Download PDF

  26. [714]. J. W. Gao(高进伟), Z. K. Xian, G. F. Zhou, J.-M. Liu(刘俊明), and Krzysztof Kempa
    Nature-Inspired Metallic Networks for Transparent Electrodes
    Advanced Functional Materials 28, 1705023. (2018 June) Download PDF