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  1. [730]. Z. W. Tan, J.J. Tian, Z. Fan(樊贞), Z. X. Lu, L. Y. Zhang, D. F. Zheng, Y. D. Wang, D. Y. Chen, M. H. Qin, M. Zeng, X. B. Lu, X. S. Gao(高兴森), and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Polarization imprint effects on the photovoltaic effect in Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 thin films
    Applied Physics Letters 112, 152905. (2018 April) Download PDF

  2. [725]. C. L. Lu(陆成亮), B. Gao, H. W. Wang, W. Wang, S. L. Yuan, S. Dong(董帅), and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Revealing Controllable Anisotropic Magnetoresistance in Spin–Orbit Coupled Antiferromagnet Sr2IrO4
    Advanced Functional Materlals 28, 1706589. (2018 February) Download PDF