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  1. [282]. K. Chen, Y. F. Liu, F. Gao, Z. L. Du, J.-M. Liu(刘俊明), X. N. Ying, X. M. Lu, and J. S. Zhu
    Ti deficiency effect on the dielectric response of CaCu3Ti4O12 ceramics
    Solid State Communications 141, 440-444. ( ) Download PDF

  2. [283]. Y. Wang, F. Yuan, T. Wei, C. Zhu, K. F. Wang, Y. D. Xia, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Identification of interfacial and bulk effects in modulating fatigue behaviors of Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3 thin films
    Journal of Applied Physics 101(01), 016101. ( ) Download PDF

  3. [284]. L. F. Wang and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Enhanced piezoelectric effect of relaxor ferroelectrics in nonpolar direction
    Applied Physics Letters 90(06), 062905. ( ) Download PDF

  4. [285]. Q. C. Li and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Three-sublattice mean-field approach for magnetoelectric coupling in multiferroics
    Physical Review B 75 (06), 064415. ( ) Download PDF

  5. [286]. Y. Wang, K. F. Wang, C. Zhu, T. Wei, J. S. Zhu, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Fatigue suppression of ferroelectric Pb1-xBax(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3 thin films prepared by sol-gel method
    Journal of Applied Physics 101(04), 046104. ( ) Download PDF

  6. [287]. Y. J. Wu, H. Zhang, J. G. Wan, S. F. Zhao, J.-M. Liu(刘俊明), and G. H. Wang
    Preparation and dielectric behavior of magnetoelectric HoMnO3-BaTiO3 composites
    Key Engineering Materials 334, 1021-1024. (2007 Feb.) Download PDF

  7. [288]. K. F. Wang, X. P. Liu, Q. C. Li, Y. Wang, L. F. Wang, S. Dong, H. Yu, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    A-site cational size disorder effects in La0.55Ca0.45MnO3
    Key Engineering Materials 336, 351-355. (2007 Feb.) Download PDF

  8. [289]. S. Dong, F. Gao, Z. Q. Wang, J.-M. Liu(刘俊明), and Z. F. Ren
    Surface phase separation in nanosized charge-ordered manganites
    Applied Physics Letters 90(08), 082508. ( ) Download PDF

  9. [290]. Z. Q. Wang, F. Gao, K. F. Wang, H. Yu, Z. F. Ren, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Synthesis and magnetic properties of Pr0.57Ca0.43MnO3 nanoparticles
    Materials Science and Engineering B 136 (1), 96-100. (2007 Jan.) Download PDF

  10. [291]. Y. B. Guo, X. Chen, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Hysteresis scaling of uniaxially anisotropic Heisenberg model
    Journal of Applied Physics 101(05), 053915. (2007 Mar.) Download PDF

  11. [292]. K. Chen, G. L. Li, F. Gao, J. Liu, J.-M. Liu(刘俊明), and J. S. Zhu
    Conducting graind boundaries in the high-dielectric-constant ceramic CaCu3Ti4O12
    Journal of Applied Physics 101(07), 074101. (2007 Apr.) Download PDF

  12. [293]. F. Gao, X. Y. Qiu, Y. Yuan, B. Xu, Y. Y. Wen, F. Yuan, L. Y. Lv, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Effect of substrate temperature on Bi0.8La0.2FeO3 thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition
    Thin Solid Films 515(13), 5366-5373. (2007 Jan.) Download PDF

  13. [294]. M. H. Wu, Q. C. Li, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Monte Carlo simulation of size
    random field and temperature dependences of exchange bias in a core-shell magnetic nanoparticle , . (2007 Apr.) Download PDF

  14. [295]. X. Y. Yao, P. L. Li, S. Dong, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Monte Carlo simulations on magnetic behavior of a spin-chain system in triangular lattice doped with antiferromagnetic bonds
    Frontiers of Physics in China 2 (1), 88-91. (2007 Jan.) Download PDF

  15. [296]. H. B. Zuo, M. F. Zhang, J. C. Han, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Dynamic scaling function of polarization hysteresis in ferroelectric thin films
    Materials Letters 61(13), 2697-2702. (2006 Oct.) Download PDF

  16. [297]. K. Xia, X. Y. Yao, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    The density of states for an antiferromagnetic Ising model on a triangular lattice
    Frontiers of Physics in China 2 (2), 191-194. (2007 April) Download PDF

  17. [298]. S. Dong, C. Zhu, Y. Wang, F. Yuan, K. F. Wang, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Electric field induced collapse of the charge-ordered phase in manganites
    Journal of Physics: Condensed Matters 19(26), 266202. (2007 June) Download PDF

  18. [299]. Z. Q. Wang, K. B. Yin, F. Gao, K. F. Wang, Z. F. Ren, J.-M. Liu(刘俊明), J. Fassbender, J. Chapman, and C. A. Ross
    Microelmusion synthesis of Nd0.5Ca0.5MnO3 and Nd0.5Sr0.5MnO3 nanoparticles
    in Nanoscale Magnets , . ( ) Download PDF

  19. [300]. S. F. Zhao, F. Bi, J. G. Wan, M. Han, F. Q. Song, J.-M. Liu(刘俊明), and G. H. Wang
    Cluster-assembled Tb-Fe nanostructured films produced by low energy cluster beam deposition
    Nanotechnology 18(26), 265705. (2007 June) Download PDF

  20. [301]. Z. Y. Li, J. G. Wan, X. W. Wang, Y. Wang, J. S. Zhu, G. H. Wang, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Magnetoelectric CoFe2O4-Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3 composite films prepared by pulsed-laser deposit method
    Integrated Ferroelectrics 87, 33-41. (2006 Dec.) Download PDF

  21. [302]. C. L. Lu, S. Dong, K. F. Wang, F. Gao, P. L. Li, L. Y. Lv, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Charge-order breaking and ferromagnetism in La0.4Ca0.6MnO3 nanoparticles
    Applied Physics Letters 91(03), 032502. (2007 July) Download PDF

  22. [303]. X. Y. Chen, T. Yu, F. Gao, H. T. Zhang, L. F. Liu, Y. M. Wang, Z. S. Li, Z. G. Zou, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Application of weak ferromagnetic BiFeO3 films as the photoelectrode material under visible-light irradiation
    Applied Physics Letters 91(02), 022114. (2007 July) Download PDF

  23. [304]. P. L. Li, X. Y. Yao, F. Gao, C. Zhao, K. B. Yin, Y. Y. Weng, J.-M. Liu(刘俊明), and Z. F. Ren
    Preparation of aligned Ca3Co2O6 nanorods and their steplike magnetization
    Applied Physics Letters 91(04), 042505. (2007 July) Download PDF

  24. [305]. X. Y. Yao, S. Dong, K. Xia, P. L. Li, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Spin persistence in an antiferromagnetic triangular Ising lattice under a magnetic field
    Physical Review B 76 (02), 024435. (2007 July) Download PDF

  25. [306]. Z. H. Zhu, Y. J. Sun, Q. Zhang, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Dynamics and scaling of low-frequency hysteresis loops in nanomagnets
    Physical Review B 76 (01), 014439. (2007 July) Download PDF

  26. [307]. K. Chen, S. K. Yuan, P. L. Li, F. Gao, J. Liu, G. L. Li, A. G. Zhao, X. M. Lu, J.-M. Liu(刘俊明), and J. S. Zhu
    High permittivity of Zr doped NiO ceramics
    Journal of Applied Physics 102(03), 034103. (2007 Aug.) Download PDF

  27. [308]. X. Chen, Z. H. Zhu, Y. Jing, S. Dong, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Magnetization oscillation in a nanomagnet driven by a self-controlled spin-polarized current: Nonlinear stability analysis
    Physical Review B 76 (05), 054414. (2007 Aug.) Download PDF

  28. [309]. F. Gao, P. L. Li, Y. Y. Weng, S. Dong, L. F. Wang, L. Y. Lv, K. F. Wang, J.-M. Liu(刘俊明), and Z. F. Ren
    Charge order suppression and weak ferromagnetism in La1/3Sr2/3FeO3 nanoparticles
    Applied Physics Letters 91(07), 072504. (2007 Aug.) Download PDF

  29. [310]. L. F. Wang and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Piezoelectricity and ferroelectric cluster size in relaxor ferroelectrics
    Applied Physics Letters 91(09), 092908. (2007 Aug.) Download PDF

  30. [311]. H. Yu and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Current-induced mechanical torsion of a magnetic nanowire
    Journal of Applied Physics 102(06), 066101. (2007 Sept.) Download PDF

  31. [312]. F. Gao, X. Y. Chen, K. B. Yin, S. Dong, Z. F. Ren, F. Yuan, T. Yu, Z. G. Zou, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Visible-light photocatalytic properties of weak magnetic BiFeO3 nanoparticles
    Advanced Materials 19 (19), 2889-2892. (2007 Aug.) Download PDF

  32. [313]. X. L. Li, K. Chen, Y. Liu, Z. X. Wang, T. W. Wang, J. L. Zuo, Y. Z. Li, Y. Wang, J. S. Zhu, J.-M. Liu(刘俊明), Y. Song, and X. Z. You
    Molecule-based ferroelectric thin films: mononuclear lanthanide enantiomers displaying room-temperature ferroelectric and dielectric properties
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition 46(36), 6820-6823. (2007 Aug.) Download PDF

  33. [314]. Z. J. Shen, W. P. Chen, G. L. Yuan, J.-M. Liu(刘俊明), Y. Wang, and L. W. Chan
    H.Hydrogen-induced degradation in multiferroic BiFeO3 ceramics
    Materials Letters 61(22), 4354-4357. (2007 Feb.) Download PDF

  34. [315]. S. Dong, H. Zhu, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Dielectrophoresis model for the colossal electroresistance of phase-separated manganites
    Physical Review B 76(13), 132409. (2007 Oct.) Download PDF

  35. [316]. T. Wei, C. Q. Jin, W. Zhong, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    High permittivity polymer embedded with Co/ZnO core/shell nanoparticles modified by organophosphorus acid
    Applied Physics Letters 91(22), 222907. (2007 Nov.) Download PDF

  36. [317]. H. W. Liu, C. P. Yuan, Y. Yuan, J.-M. Liu(刘俊明), and Z. G. Liu
    Interpretation of the morphology and crystallogaphy of precipitateγ1-Ti4Nb3Al9 in L10-TiAl(Nb)-based intermetallics by invariant line theory
    Intermetallics 15(12), 1497-1503. (2007 Dec.) Download PDF