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  1. [475]. M. H. Qin, Y. M. Tao, S. Dong, M. Zeng, S. J. Wu, H. B. Zhao, X. S. Gao, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    2012) Multiferroic properties in orthorhombic perovskite manganites: monte carlo simulation
    Journal of Applied Physics 111, 053907. ( ) Download PDF

  2. [474]. Y. Y. Guo, Z. B. Yan, N. Zhang, W. W. Cheng, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Ferroelectric aging behaviors of BaTi0.995Mn0.005O3 ceramics: grain size effects
    Applied Physics A 107(1), 243-248. (2011 Dec.) Download PDF

  3. [473]. Z. B. Yan, X. C. Zhu, M. Liu, X. M. Jiang, X. F. Jiang, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Repetitive switching behaviour of a memristor for passive crossbar applications
    Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 45(50), 505107. (2012 Nov.) Download PDF

  4. [472]. S. Dong, Q. F. Zhang, S. Yunoki, J.-M. Liu(刘俊明), and E. Dagotto
    Magnetic and orbital order in (RMnO3)n/(AMnO3)2n superlattices studied via a double-exchange model with strain
    Physical Review B 86(20), 205121. (2012 Nov.) Download PDF

  5. [471]. Z. Zhang, S. Senz, F. L. Zhao, L. J. Chen, X. S. Gao, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Phase transition induced vertical alignment of ultrathin gallium phosphide nanowire arrays on silicon by chemical beam epitaxy
    RSC Advances 2(23), 8631-8636. ( ) Download PDF

  6. [470]. N. Zhang, S. Dong, F. G. Chang, Z. M. Fu, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Grain size effect on GdFeO3-type lattice distortion and ferroelectric behavior in DyMnO3
    Physica B 407(18), 3736-3739. (2012 June) Download PDF

  7. [469]. Y. M. Tao, L. Lin, S. Dong, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Multiferroic phase transitions in manganites RMnO3: a two-orbital double exchange simulation
    Chinese Physics B 21(10), 107502. (2011 Oct.) Download PDF

  8. [468]. X. M. Chen, J. L. Wang, G. L. Yuan, D. Wu, J.-M. Liu(刘俊明), J. Yin, and Z. G. Liu
    ferroelectric and piezoelectric properties of multiferroic Bi , . (2012 June) Download PDF

  9. [467]. X. S. Gao, J.-M. Liu(刘俊明), K. Au, and J. Y. Dai
    Nanoscale ferroelectric tunnel junctions based on ultrathin BaTiO3 film and Ag nanoelectrodes
    Applied Physics Letters 101(14), 142905. (2012 Oct.) Download PDF

  10. [466]. W. C. Huang, L. Huo, G. Tian, H. R. Qian, X. S. Gao, M. H. Qin, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Multi-step magnetization of the Ising model on a Shastry–Sutherland lattice: a Monte Carlo simulation
    Journal of Physics: Condensed Matters 24(38), 386003. (2012 Aug.) Download PDF

  11. [465]. L. Li, L. Lin, Z. B. Yan, Q. Y. He, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Multiferroicity and phase transitions in Tm-substituted GdMnO3
    Journal of Applied Physics 112(03), 034115. (2012 Aug.) Download PDF

  12. [464]. C. L. Lu, J.-M. Liu(刘俊明), and T. Wu
    Electric field driven phase transition and possible twining quasi-tetragonal phase in compressively strained BiFeO3 thin films
    Frontiers of Physics 7(04), 424-428. (2012 Aug.) Download PDF

  13. [463]. N. Zhang, S. Dong, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Ferroelectricity generated by spin-orbit and spin-lattice couplings in multiferroic DyMnO3
    Frontiers of Physics 7(04), 408-417. (2012 Aug.) Download PDF

  14. [462]. P. Chu, D. P. Chen, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Multiferroic domain structure in orthorhombic multiferroics of cycloidal spin order: phase field simulations
    Applied Physics Letters 101(04), 042908. (2012 July) Download PDF

  15. [461]. L. Liu, S. T. Zhang, Y. Luo, G. L. Yuan, J.-M. Liu(刘俊明), J. Yin, and Z. G. Liu
    Coexistence of unipolar and bipolar resistive switching in BiFeO3 and Bi0.8Ca0.2FeO3 films
    Journal of Applied Physics 111(10), 104103. (2012 May) Download PDF

  16. [460]. Y. J. Guo, Y. Y. Guo, L. Lin, Y. J. Gao, B. B. Jin, L. Kang, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Mean-field theory of ferroelectricity in Sr1-xCaxTiO3 (0<x<0.4)
    Physical Review B 86(01), 014202. (2012 July) Download PDF

  17. [459]. Y. Q. Guan, Z. Zheng, L. H. Liang, Z. B. Li, L. Zhang, J. J. Du, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    The apoptosis of OVCAR-3 induced by TNF-α plus IFN-γ co-immobilized polylactic acid copolymers
    Journal of Materials Chemistry 22(29), 14746-14755. (2012 June) Download PDF

  18. [458]. Z. W. Li, M. X. Zhou, W. F. Ding, H. Zhou, B. Chen, J. G. Wan, J.-M. Liu(刘俊明), and G. H. Wang
    Three-state resistive switching in CoFe2O4/Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3/ZnO heterostructure
    Applied Physics Letters 100(26), 262903. (2012 June) Download PDF

  19. [457]. Y. Q. Guan, Z. B. Li, A. N. Yang, Z. Huang, Z. Zheng, L. Zhang, L. Li, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Cell cycle arrest and apoptosis of OVCAR-3 and MCF-7 cells induced by co-immobilized TNF-α plus IFN-γ on polystyrene and the role of p53 activation
    Biomaterials 33(26), 6162-6171. (2012 June) Download PDF

  20. [456]. X. B. Lu, T. Minari, C. Liu, A. Kumatani, J.-M. Liu(刘俊明), and K. Tsukagoshi
    Temperature dependence of frequency response characteristics in organic field-effect transistors
    Applied Physics Letters 100(18), 183308. (2012 May) Download PDF

  21. [455]. S. Z. Li, J. Liu, X. Z. Wang, B. W. Yan, H. Li, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Epitaxial growth of delafossite CuFeO2 thin films by pulse laser deposition
    Physica B 407(13), 2412-2415. (2012 Mar.) Download PDF

  22. [454]. Y. M. Tao, D. P. Chen, M. H. Qin, S. Dong, X. S. Gao, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Coexistence of two cycloid-phases in multiferroic RMnO3: Consequence of the next-nearest-neighbor spin interaction modulations
    Journal of Applied Physics 111(08), 083918. (2012 Apr.) Download PDF

  23. [453]. T. Wei, Q. J. Zhou, Q. G. Song, Z. P. Li, S. Q. Guo, Y. R. Guo, Y. F. Chen, X. L. Qi, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    The interaction of multifold polar orderings in Ba-doped Sr0.7Ca0.3TiO3
    Materials Research Bulletin 47( ), 1316-1322. (2012 Mar.) Download PDF

  24. [452]. Y. Y. Guo, Y. J. Guo, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Zn doping-induced enhanced dielectric response of quantum paraelectric SrTiO3
    Journal of Applied Physics 111(07), 074108. (2012 Apr.) Download PDF

  25. [451]. T. Wei, Q. G. Song, Q. J. Zhou, Z. P. Li, Y. F. Chen, X. L. Qi, S. Q. Guo, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Giant dielectric tunable behavior of Pr-Doped SrTiO3 at low temperature
    Functional Materials Letters 5(1), 1250018. (2012 Apr.) Download PDF

  26. [450]. Y. Y. Guo, H. M. Liu, D. P. Yu, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Ferroelectricity and superparamagnetism in Sr/Ti nonstoichiometric SrTiO3
    Physical Review B 85(10), 104108. (2012 Mar.) Download PDF

  27. [449]. S. Dong and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Recent progress of multiferroic perovskite manganites
    Modern Physics Letters B 26(9), 1230004. (2012 Mar.) Download PDF

  28. [448]. T. Wei, Q. J. Zhou, X. Yang, Q. G. Song, Z. P. Li, X. L. Qi, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Competition between quantum fluctuation and ferroelectric order in Eu1-xBaxTiO3
    Applied Surface Science 258(), 4601-4606. (2012 Jan.) Download PDF

  29. [447]. Y. L. Xie, L. Lin, Z. B. Yan, K. F. Wang, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    The role of dipole-dipole interaction in modulating the step-like magnetization of Ca3Co2O6
    Journal of Applied Physics 111(07), 07E133. (2012 Mar.) Download PDF

  30. [446]. L. Lin, Y. J. Guo, Y. L. Xie, S. Dong, Z. B. Yan, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Spin frustration destruction and ferroelectricity modulation in Ca3CoMnO6: Effects of Mn deficiency
    Journal of Applied Physics 111(07), 07D901. (2012 Feb.) Download PDF

  31. [445]. D. P. Chen and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Dynamic hysteresis of tetragonal ferroelectrics: the resonance of 90o-domain switching
    Applied Physics Letters 100(06), 062904. (2012 Feb.) Download PDF

  32. [444]. M. H. Qin, Y. M. Tao, M. Zeng, X. S. Gao, S. J. Wu, S. Dong, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Multiferroic phase competitions in perovskite manganite thin films
    Applied Physics Letters 100(05), 052410. (2012 Feb.) Download PDF

  33. [443]. Y. J. Gao, Y. J. Guo, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Effect of dipole-dipole interaction on self-control magnetization oscillation in double-domain nanomagnets
    Solid State Communications 152(), 561-565. (2012 Feb.) Download PDF

  34. [442]. Y. Q. Guan, Z. Zheng, Z. B. Li, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Cell death in HeLa mediated by thermoplastic polyurethane with co-immobilized IFN-γ plus TND-α
    Acta Biomaterialia 8(), 1348-1356. (2011 Dec.) Download PDF

  35. [441]. S. Z. Li, T. T. Wang, H. Q. Han, X. Z. Wang, H. Li, J. Liu, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Modulated multiferroicity of Cr-doped orthorhombic polycrystalline YMnO3
    Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 45(5), 055003. (2012 Jan.) Download PDF

  36. [440]. Y. Y. Guo, Y. J. Guo, N. Zhang, L. Lin, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Suppression of ferroelectricity and quantum fluctuations in Ru-doped TbMnO3
    Applied Physics A 106(1), 113-117. (2011 Sept.) Download PDF