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    Helical and skyrmion lattice phases in three-dimensional chiral magnets: Effect of anisotropic interactions
    Scientific Reports 7, 7392. (2017 August) Download PDF

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    Science 357, 306-309. (2017 July) Download PDF

  3. [58]. A. J. Hong, C. L. Yuan, G. Gu, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Novel p-type thermoelectric materials Cu3MCh4 (M = V, Nb, Ta; Ch = Se, Te): high band-degeneracy
    Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5, 9785. (2017 April) Download PDF

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    Flexible, Semitransparent, and Inorganic Resistive Memory based on BaTi0.95Co0.05O3 Film
    Advanced Materials , 1700425. (2017 April) Download PDF

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    Large electroresistance and tunable photovoltaic properties of ferroelectric nanoscale capacitors based on ultrathin super-tetragonal BiFeO3 films
    Journal of Materials Chemistry C 5, 3323. (2017 March) Download PDF

  6. [55]. W. W. Cheng(程维文), X. Y. Wang, Y. B. Sheng, L. Y. Gong, S. M. Zhao, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
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    Scientific Reports 7, 42360. (2017 February) Download PDF

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    Advanced Electronic Materials 2, 1600038. (2016 April) Download PDF

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    Scientific Reports 6, 22948. (2016 ) Download PDF

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    Nano Letters 17, 486-493. (2016 December) Download PDF

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    Nano Letters 16, 7309-7315. (2016 October) Download PDF

  11. [50]. H. X. Zhu and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
    Electronic structure of organometal halide perovskite CH3NH3BiI3 and optical absorption extending to infrared region
    Scientific Reports 6, 37425. (2016 November) Download PDF

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    Ferroelectric resistive switching in high-density nanocapacitor arrays based on BiFeO3 ultrathin films and ordered Pt Nanoelectrodes
    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 8, 23963-23968. (2016 August) Download PDF

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    Scientific Reports 6, 34767. (2016 October) Download PDF

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    Nature Communication 7, 12825. (2016 September) Download PDF

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    Scientific Reports 6, 29126. (2016 July) Download PDF

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    Journal of Materials Chemistry C 4, 5806. (2016 May) Download PDF

  17. [44]. Y. L. Wang, M. F. Liu, R. Liu, Y. L. Xie, X. Li, Z. B. Yan, and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)
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    Scientific Reports 6, 27840. (2016 June) Download PDF

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    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120(18), 9949–9957. (2016 April) Download PDF

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    Journal of Materials Chemistry C 4, 3281. (2016 March) Download PDF

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    Laser & Photonics Reviews 10, 465-472. (2016 April) Download PDF

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    Two-Step Antiferromagnetic Transitions and Ferroelectricity in Spin‑1 Triangular-Lattice Antiferromagnetic Sr3NiTa2O9
    Inorganic Chemistry 55, 2709−2716. (2016 March) Download PDF

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    Scientific Reports 6, 22778. (2016 March) Download PDF

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    Scientific Reports 6, 20175. (2016 February) Download PDF

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    ACS Nano 10, 1025-1032. (2016 ) Download PDF

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    Scientific Reports 6, 19092. (2016 January) Download PDF

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