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    ACS Nano 12, 6767−6776. (2018 June) Download PDF

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    Advanced Materials 30, 1803422. (2018 July) Download PDF

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    New Journal of Physics 20, 063050. (2018 June) Download PDF

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    Journal of Power Sources 396, 49-56. (2018 May) Download PDF

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    New Journal of Physics 20, 063003. (2018 June) Download PDF

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    Advanced Materials 30, 1706246. (2018 March) Download PDF

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    Nanoscale 10, 9509. (2018 April) Download PDF

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    Aligned and Graded Type‐II Ruddlesden–Popper Perovskite Films for Efficient Solar Cells
    Advanced Energy Materials 2018, 1800185. (2018 May) Download PDF

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    New Journal of Physics 20, 053037. (2018 May) Download PDF

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    Enhanced performance of planar perovskite solar cells based on lowtemperature processed TiO2 electron transport layer modified by Li2SiO3
    Journal of Power Sources 392, 1-7. (2018 April) Download PDF

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    Advanced Functional Materials 28, 1706589. (2018 February) Download PDF

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    Nanoscale 10, 3518. (2018 January) Download PDF

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    Journal of Power Sources 377, 52–58. (2018 February) Download PDF

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    Advanced Functional Materials 28, 1705023. (2018 June) Download PDF

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    Science Advances 3, e1700919. (2017 August) Download PDF

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    Science 357, 306-309. (2017 July) Download PDF

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