Research Interests:

Quantum Materials and Emergent Phenomena

Quantum correlations and topological states represent the core issues in advanced condensed matters. While the many-body interaction can be an amazing origin for emergent phenomena in quantum condensed matter physics, we are playing our games on the “edges” of this active frontier field. In typical cases, we have been working with the physics of 3d ~ 5d transition metal compounds and in particular the physics of multiferroics. Our experiences, many more failures than achievements, make us understand why grief is the spirit of a hero.

What we are interested in includes the coexistence and competitions of various order degrees of freedom in transition metal compounds. It is nearly impossible for people to kick out these problems but the experiences can’t be too much pain and happiness. On one hand, we investigate the correlation and competitions of these degrees, excitations, quantum transitions, and possible emergent phenomena, design and synthesis of novel materials with these functionalities are our goals, no matter how frustrated they are.

Specifically, we focus on: multiferroics and magnetoelectricity; quantum inhomogeneities and quantum phase transitions; responses and manipulations of these transitions; spin glass and frustrations; synthesis of novel materials offering these properties.