Wenhao Zheng(郑文昊), Xiao Peng, Wenjing Zhai, Lin Huang, Peizhuo Chen, Penghui Shi, Xiaohui Zhou, Jianguo Wan, Zhibo Yan(颜志波) and J.-M. Liu(刘俊明)

Photoelectric performance enhancement of Sn-based perovskites by benzylamine boron trifluoride passivation

Journal of Materials Chemistry A 12, 11020(2024)

Tin-based halide perovskites have become the prospective photoelectric materials due to their remarkable optoelectronic properties and relatively low toxicity. However, the rapid crystallization and easy oxidation of Sn2+ to Sn4+ made it challenging to fabricate efficient photoelectric devices. Herein, benzylamine boron trifluoride (BBF) was introduced into the FASnI3 precursor solution to tune the crystal quality and photoelectric properties of FASnI3 films. It was demonstrated that the BBF passivates the film defects, reduces the content of Sn4+, enhances the PL intensity and stability, and improves the responsivity at wavelengths from 415 to 980 nm. The treatment of BBF with an optimal concentration of 1.5 mg mL−1 improves the responsivity of the device from 0.89 to 2.6 A W−1. The coordination of BBF with the anions/cations in the perovskite precursor is suggested to account for the improvement of crystal quality and the photoelectric properties of FASnI3 films.